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Pictures from our recent tulsi and lavender harvest. We harvested around 300 pounds of tulsi from Frey Family Farm!


The Beehive Collective is a collective graphics workshop that creates political posters, graphics and mosaics on subjects of globalization, Latin American issues, agriculture, biodiversity and more.


The "Zing Shot" is a Turmeric & Ginger herbal preserve. Using Honey and Lemon as our "preservatives" this potent formula is meant to make the benefits of Turmeric and Ginger available in fresh food form.


Wylie's honey brews uses the finest quality ingredients and brewing techniques to create a genuinely wholesome soda.

Swettened with unheated raw honey, our sodas are delicious while also harnessing the benefits of herbs and live enzyme cultures.

We have created a full line of herbal sodas made carefully in order to preserve the benefits of each ingredient. The refreshing flavors appeal both those seeking a delicious beverage and a healthful tonic.

All of our honey is sourced directly from beekeepers who don't use synthetic chemicals in their hives.